Patient Testimonials

" These folks are the best...I mean really, does anyone expect receiving a birthday cupcake at the dentist??? Fast, friendly and efficient. .if you're thinking/ looking for a new dental services I strongly recommend Dr. Utz and his staff to'l l never dread going again!!"  Greg F 2017

"They are great friendly people...they have great hygienist Shawna...and Dr Utz is a great kids love going there...I would recommend them to anyone..." Dorinda A 2017

"This is the best dentist I've ever had. My first experience was drastically different from what was with my current dentist. Appointments are easy to make, my previous dentist I had to make appointment way far in advance for simple things. At Utz there is quality work and special attention to detail. They care for your oral hygiene as equally well as they care for you as a person. I don't see ever changing dentists again."   Rachael C. 2016

"John did a great job giving me 6 new top teeth. I am very happy with them. Thank you." Pat O. 2016

"Dr. Utz Is the best Dentist I have ever had. My mouth is in horrible shape and his work is painless and fast. His office staff is wonderful and getting appt are easy. I know that for my wedding in sept I will have a great smile. Thank you so much for being a great dentist!"  Kimberly L. 2016